How Does Your Exterior Look?

Window Replacements & Siding Materials

From The Home Store in Erath, Youngsville and Lafayette, LA

Is the siding material on your home damaged, old or no longer the style you want? The Home Store can help you with that. Our team of experts will install the siding that you've always wanted.

Your siding protects your home and is the first thing others see when they come to visit. Make sure that it's the siding you want. Call us today to find out what your options are for siding materials and siding replacement in Erath, Youngsville and Lafayette, LA.

How to know when you need a window replaced

It's important to maintain your windows. You know when you're overdue for a window replacement if:

  • You can feel a draft coming from a shut window.
  • Your energy bills have risen.
  • You've noticed cracks in your glass and splinters in the fixtures.

Get more information on window replacement and atrium window installation and repair in Erath, Youngsville, Lafayette and surrounding areas in LA. Call or contact us today!