Don’t Let Roof Damage Go Unanswered

Turn to us for roof restoration services in Erath, LA

Your roof has to weather a lot of storms in our part of the country. If you need roof restoration services in Erath, LA, The Home Store has you covered. We will work with the insurance companies so that you don’t have to.

We can inspect your roof and check to see if it’s up to APR. If it isn’t, we will work with the insurance companies and the contractors for your roof restoration. Plus, we handle the payment of the contractors, meaning you don’t have to juggle the insurance adjustor, the contractor and the material provider—we’ll do the organizing for you. Call us today for more information.

How to know if you need small repairs to your roof

So, your roof might be looking okay after a storm. But how do you know for sure there’s not a small detail you overlooked that can become a major issue down the line? You might need roof restoration services and not even realize it.

Here are some signs The Home Store suggests you watch out for:

  • Your roof is missing a lot of shingles.
  • You notice roof valleys or dips in the surface of your roof.
  • Your shingles are curling or buckling.
  • You’ve noticed stains appearing on your ceilings.
  • Your asphalt shingle roof is over 20 years old.

If any of these conditions apply to your roof—call us today. The Home Store will inspect your roof and help you determine if you need roof restoration services in Erath, LA.